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Detect If Content Was Generated By An AI Writer

Originality.AI is a plagiarism-checking and AI detection tool built for serious web publishers. It is designed to help web publishers ensure that their content is original, meaning plagiarism-free, and written by a human writer, rather than AI. The tool includes features such as team management, full site scan (coming soon), auto-billing, scan history by user, and an AI writing detection tool. It is useful for web publishers, content agencies, and website buyers, who need to check the originality of their content, manage a large team, or check an entire website for plagiarism and AI-generated content. With Originality.AI, you can have all your content scanned and have a record of who scanned it, when it was scanned, if AI is suspected, and if any plagiarism was found, all saved for reference later.


Originality.AI can help design and train our own AI to determine whether any of the well-known AI authors employing (GPT-3, GPT-2, GPT-NEO, or GPT-J) were used to compose the content, AI collaborated with top AI experts. On 50+ words, the success rate has been demonstrated to be 94% or more accurate.

Yes, this AI checker is the only one that can reliably Detect AI Content printed GPT-3 content (Chat GPT)

The likelihood that the content was written by an AI writing tool is indicated by a score from 0-100 provided by AI’s AI detection module.

There is a probability that Google will agree if our Originality AI module determines that the content was produced using AI.

Simply Enter A URL And Scan The Entire Site For Detect AI Content


The website content checkers usually used to do

  1. Manually copy/paste every content to check orginality
  2. Only spot check the top performing articles

With Originality.AI you can paste a link to a website and find if there is any plagiarism on that website

With Originality.AI understand a website’s Content Originality Risk before you buy it.


Open AI has a new tool for detecting AI content called AI Text Classifier, which gives you an option to find to somewhat accuracy if a content is generated by AI Try now 


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